We are looking for a Principal Engineer

Responsible to transform our next generation, real time, video communication applications. Pull together various telecom & media protocols of call participants for a coherent and productive meeting.

  • Believe in fault-free multi-threaded software design
  • Experience with real time, high throughput systems like video stream, capture, mix, render
  • Contribute to inter-team Architecture discussions and Design reviews, influence our R&D future
  • Collaborate across teams for thorough design reviews and completeness of feature integration
  • Coordinate work of multiple team members (Dev & QA) to meet functionality, quality, performance and reliability requirements
  • Shoulder responsibility and strive to meet quality expectations and timelines.


  • Understand existing ecosystem before being able to add features, functions and enhancements.
  • Design and implement including coding, unit testing and release to production.
  • Plan with known expectations and dependencies.
  • Follow & improve processes - with special focus on code reviews, among others.
  • Improve quality with every version, and new features must match or exceed existing levels.
  • Contribute to a collaborative and responsive team that owns a world-class product service.
  • Through awareness question priorities and influence plans & designs.


  • Experience with protocols: RTP/RTCP, SIP, H.323
  • Experience with packet error resilience: RTX/FEC, packet pacing
  • Contributions to open source projects. Culture of innovation with patents.
  • Experience building AV capture, AV rendering, screen capture applications.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field
  • 8+ years’ experience building multi-threaded solutions on Linux/Android/iOS/Mac/Win
  • 5+ years’ experience developing in C++
  • 5+ years’ experience developing voice/video streaming solutions.
  • Experience in Graphics, Audio and Video Processing
  • Familiarity with Agile development methodology and tools
  • Good communication skills through email, specs and design docs
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English (both written and spoken)

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Codeminders do not do any business with Russia, Belarus or temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories (Crimea, Donbas, etc). We are not hiring engineers residing in these territories.
Founded in California in 2004, Codeminders develops software for high-tech companies located predominantly in Silicon Valley. While we work on a broad range of products, our primary focus is on modern technologies such as AI, mobile, video conferencing, and cloud computing. You will have a chance to work on innovative software products envisioned in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many of our customers are startups, but some are established companies with millions of users.

At Codeminders you will have a chance to work closely with world-class engineers from both the US and Ukraine and learn the newest technologies, tools, and development processes.

Some of the benefits of working for Codeminders are:

    • Salary based on individual qualifications, experience, and interview results
    • Outstanding job stability with great opportunities for professional growth and advancement
    • Western management practices
    • Prospect of business travel to the US and Еurope
    • Modern and comfortable office in Kyiv within walking distance from “Vasylkivska” subway station
    • Great benefits package including medical, education, and fitness
    • Reimbursement for moving expenses for out-of-town candidates
    • Flexible working hours (including opportunities to periodically work from home)
    • Performance bonuses and annual salary reviews
    • Choice of desktop or a laptop as the main workstation
    • Bicycle and car-friendly office
    • In-office gym